International Education Today

International Education Today

“Educating the World”

International Education Today is a multi-faceted gateway to the world of international education.

Whether you are an experienced international teacher, an administrator in the sector, or someone considering a move into the world of the international sector, we are the one-stop-shop for all your needs.

We offer free services for schools, teachers, parents and the wider educational community. We wish for our platform to be a pragmatic resource for all in the international community, whilst celebrating all that is good about the sector.

Finding a Job

We provide a free service to schools and teachers seeking employment. Many recruitment agencies are expensive and a drain on school resources, so we wish to offer a service that connects the very best international teachers to the best-fit jobs.

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School Reviews

We wish to promote the best of the international sector by posting positive articles about schools in the sector. We do not wish to become a sounding-off board for disaffected teachers or disgruntled parents. Other sites exist for this purpose. We encourage teachers and parents to use the “three stars and a wish” model when commenting upon their place of work or child’s school.

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Thought Leadership

We seek to promote thought-leadership in the sector and give teachers and school leaders a platform to share their thoughts and innovative ideas. Thought Leadership is not about sharing your experiences of international education, but is about as promoting discussion, innovation and compelling research.

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The world of education can be a stressful place, but one which is full of joy and happiness. Through our YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram, we wish to showcase the joyful side of education.

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